5 Reasons To Update Your Headshots This January


Essex based professional portrait photographer Charlie Alexander, our own personal photography professional on Team Hook talks you through why you should update your headshots this January.

There’s a New Year on the horizon and whether or not you’re a “New Year new me!” kind of person or not, the start of a New Year is a perfect time to update your professional headshots. Here’s why…


Presenting an updated image of yourself to the world projects a message that you are pushing yourself and your business forward. Reinvesting in your image proves you’re a progressive person in a state of growth and you are confident about communicating that to the world.


Fresh new content is going to get you excited to share new angles about yourself and the work that you do. And if you’re excited about your new content that excitement is going to be infectious and the whole vibe is going to inject a renewed enthusiasm in to your followers about you and your work.


Forget the followers. This is about YOU. Headshot and personal branding sessions are an opportunity to this about how you want to express yourself and celebrate who you are stepping in to 2023. Get creative with your ideas about your clothes, styling, location and who you want to be in these photos. If your photographer is anything like me they will be so excited to make a moodboard with you and bounce creative ideas around.


There’s always a hundred reasons in the moment to redirect your time and resources to other things besides having your photo taken. I get it. But here’s what I do know, if you do take the plunge there’s a future version of yourself that is so grateful that for once you took the time to give future you a way to see yourself that isn’t a selfie. You deserve that, you deserve to exist in photos that aren’t selfies and future you looking back at these is thrilled with now you.


Make having these photos taken a part of your manifesting in all the wonderful intentions you have for the year ahead. You can be tactical about the messaging aligning with a new project. You can enhance whatever marketing campaigns you have for your upcoming projects with fresh new imagery. The process of booking, planning and executing your shoot is going to focus and energize you about all your endeavors for the year. 

Sound good? Want to chat to me about how I can help you tick fresh funky new headshots as a way to kickstart 2023? Get in touch! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Happy New Year!

Charlie xoxo


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