Getting Canva Confident Workshop – November


Finding it hard to confidently & consistently get your brand message across using Canva?

This small group working session will get you set up to soar.

Delivered by: Lucie Selby from Lucie Selby Design Services

What is it? Limited to 8 spaces, you’ll get a hands-on introduction to setting up your Brand Kit in Canva using your logos, assets, fonts. We’ll then create a series of brand templates you can use for all of your content going forwards. We’ll also look at creating content from existing templates and then implement your branding into them. Finally, we’ll learn about housekeeping, exporting files and efficient ways of posting to socials using what you’ve created.

Where is it? An in-person workshop at the new Workroom space at Love Local in Copford Colchester.

When? Tuesday 19th November

Time? 10am start, 1pm finish.

How much? £110 and includes welcome hot drinks and breakfast pastries & fruit.

Anything else? Limited to 8 places. Bring laptops and have a Canva account already (ideally a Pro account). Have all of your branding assets saved to your laptop also.

Creative, collaborative, connections at the heart of everything that we do. See you soon!

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