Our signature workshop

Hook Project

A creative & focused workshop to give small business owners the confidence to elevate their Instagram game.

Would you like support, motivation & knowledge on how to level up your business?

Join us on Friday 8th September at Firstsite in Colchester. We’ll be covering the foundations of branding, marketing & photography, to enable you to tell your business story confidently.

The day is designed to leave you with the knowledge, tools & inspiration to go out & create content that reflects your brand values, but doesn’t leave you panicking on how to do it every time you want to post.

We want to help you find your hook!

Alongside the training there will be some yummy lunch, hot drinks & hand outs to refer back on. This is guaranteed to be a really fun & inspiring day with clear objectives coming out of it.

Why join us??


You're a small business owner

…and want to know how to create professional, consistent & branded content that builds an engaged audience.



We’d love to help you to find your Hook so that you can confidently present you & your business and then watch you soar…


What does the day involve?

Lucie, Barbara & Charlie are your industry experts on the day, who have an immeasurable passion to empower small businesses to thrive.

We create an inclusive environment to encourage growth, with no judgement on ability. Read below for some more info on the day and what each of us covers…

The importance of brand consistency
  • Lucie will be guiding you through the fundamentals of branding and why this is so important for building consistency and brand loyalty.
  • We’ll explore how to use the basics of Instagram, as well as incorporating your existing brand elements and discussing which apps to use to make doing all of that easier & more professional.
  • The practical element is a guided session on how to create beautiful looking stories, grid posts & reels, with lots of tips, tricks & ‘a-ha’ moments.
  • You’ll leave with the inspiration and confidence to create powerful branded content that truly reflects your business.
optimise your profile
  • Barbara will work with you to optimise your Instagram profile, including; picture, searchable fields, bio, links & highlights.
  • You’ll make actionable changes to ensure your profile truly reflects your brand and attracts your ideal customers.
  • You’ll recieve a hand out to help build a monthly posting plan, including daily prompts and hashtag events. A great way to build strategy into your Instagram approach.
  • You will leave the session with a visibly improved profile and focused direction for marketing your business with Instagram.
a face to the brand
  • Charlie will be taking us through the importance of quality photography for your business, with tips for creating your own imagery with your camera phone, using stock imagery and commissioning professional photographers.
  • A big highlight of the day is that Charlie will be offering mini personal branding sessions for all attendees, with a professionally edited gallery delivered after the day. You will get 1 free headshot to download as part of your ticket price and the opportunity to upgrade and purchase the whole gallery.
support network
  • We love creating groups of people who each become a cheerleader to your business. By joining us on the Hook Project, you’re instantly immersed into a group of like-minded businesses that can become your people to ask questions of, to like and share your posts and understand the challenges of running a small business.
  • We have a great supportive network for after the workshop where you can also join our private members Facebook group.

  • You can also jump back into refresher workshops or learn about new platforms through our other workshop offers.

Caroline Lovett | Artist

” Fabulous Social media training with a vibrant fun group of presenters & really accessible useful content & explanations…

The deets?

£275 | Friday 8th September

Our full day Instagram Confidence Workshop: The Hook Project at Firstsite in Colchester

• 3 Industry Experts
• Mini personal branding shoot with 1x free download
• Delicious buffet lunch & unlimited hot drinks
• Small Business networking
• Post workshop Members Facebook group

A brilliant in-person workshop to help you to master the foundations of using Instagram to market your business. We want to help you find your hook!


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