How to get started with email marketing


Email Marketing is a brilliant channel for all businesses. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It has an amazing ROI (around £36 for every £1 spent), and small businesses can get started with zero financial outlay.
  • You build a list of warm leads that you own.
  • No pesky algorithm messing with who sees it. If they are on the list, it will land in their inbox
  • The data. All marketing activities should be measurable and meaningful. And email is super for this. See all interactions on your email, who opens and who clicks on each link.
  • You can segment your audience. Unlike socials, you can send relevant, useful emails depending on your audience’s interest, location, and previous behaviours.

But if you aren’t already emailing, it can seem a bit daunting to get started so I’ve crafted a selection of my top tips.

  • Pick a ESP. Whether its mailchimp, mailerlite, klayvio or flodesk (or any other platform), do your research, check the costs associated with your list size and planned frequency of email and then pick one. Just get started. If you REALLY find you don’t like it, you can always switch.
  • Design a lead magnet. Something that your ideal customer would find useful. It could be a PDF of top tips, a useful template, free P+P or a small new customer discount.
  • Set up a landing page. Keep it super simple, just ask for an email address in the first instance.
  • Create templates. Yes, it can be a bit time-consuming setting out email templates, but if they are there and ready to use you will be much more inclined to use them regularly.
  • Tell your audience that you have an email list. Pop a link on your email footer, in your Instagram bio and use a well-timed pop-up on your website to capture that data.

There are many other things involved in using email to its full potential, but if you would like help getting started, why not book a 1-1 and I can guide you through the process? Before you know it, you’ll be sending emails in your sleep.

Barbara x



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