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Me, Charlie and Barbara really enjoy the topic of starting new things, the things that hold us back, the excitement of starting before you’re ready and how that relates to us with our businesses. We did a podcast on it if you fancy a listen (I’ve embedded episode 10 below for you)!! And actually, this podcast was a new thing mostly for us and it’s been a learning curve but a great thing to have ticked off for our business goals.

In our Instagram Confidence Workshop (and a lot of our Breakfast Club meet ups!), we talk about ‘perfection paralysis’, this feeling of not doing ‘the thing’, because we’re worried it’s not going to be perfect yet. So we don’t talk about it, don’t show it to our audience and ultimately don’t give our business the opportunity to grow because of it.

The Hook is something that is still a pretty new thing for us too. And it started from an idea, but without jumping all in and embracing the excitement of its potential, it would have remained an idea, a pipe-dream and would never have seen the light of day. Well… fast forward 18 months from that original idea and we’ve delivered 4 signature full day workshops, delivered 7 monthly networking meetings, recorded 10 podcast episodes, delivered multiple mini workshops, whilst connecting and collaborating with hundreds of business women around Essex.


Our Hook Project is where it all started and it’s now become our signature 1 day Instagram Confidence Workshop. This workshop is for you if;

  • you believe in your product/service/brand but are finding it hard to use Instagram to tell your story confidently.
  • you find social media scary and so bury your head in the sand.
  • you have the ideas but aren’t sure how to implement them.
  • you get overwhelmed at all the features of Instagram and feel unsure where to start, how to master them and don’t want to ask friends as you feel silly.
  • your ideas and strategy lacks focus… actually what strategy?? 🤣🤣
  • you want to level up how your posts and stories look and wonder how others make them look so good.

Well the good news is, we’re here to help!! Our next workshop is;

Friday 8th Sept, at Firstsite in Colchester

Delivered by us as your 3 industry experts in Design, Marketing and Photography

The day is from 9:30-4pm with a lovely group of female business owners like you

Your investment is £275 with a mini brand shoot, lunch and hot drinks included

So if you’re looking to give your business a boost when the kids are back to school and you can focus wholly on you and your business, please do get in touch, we want to help you find your hook!

Lucie xx


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